About Us

Training / Special Services


Athenacare is a hands-on learning center that Athena offers to clients.   I also enhance the experience by offering one one on one training and support.  Or weekly workshops.   

Special Services: Fee Schedule Analysis and set up per speciality, Custom Forms, Patient Calls, Clean up.  Do not see a service that you are looking for please reach out and ask as we do many things to help our clients. 

Credentialing & Contracting


Credentialing medical doctors is a time consuming process.  It can take 6-12 months, or longer, depending on the payer, to be completed.   Our service includes provider enrollment and primary source verification. We work with all specialties and assist with enrollment in all insurance networks 

(Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance). Our credentialing solution fits any organization regardless of size or specialty.  Contracting must be done before acceptance of fee from payer. Seperate from credentialing. 

Medical Billing Service


Your time is valuable. Too valuable to be spending it navigating complicated billing and accounting issues or hacking through mountains of red tape. We take care of everything you need to ensure that you get every penny you earn, and that your practice runs as efficiently as possible.   We do it all with total transparency so you never doubt your decision to trust your business to us.