Medical Billing

Are you looking for help with insurance billing? Are you spending too much time trying to figure out how to get paid on claims?  Are you getting frustrated with denials?  We can help you right now! 

We charge an hourly rate.  An estimate of your patient flow will determine how long you would need someone.   We work 1-40 hours a week.    

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Provider Credentialing and Contracting

Definition of Insurance Credentialing:

"Physicians and other healthcare practitioners who wish to bill an insurance company and receive reimbursement for services as an in-network provider must undergo a process of credentialing in which the insurance company verifies the providers education, training, experience, and competency. Each provider must submit a credentialing application that details their training and qualifications to treat patients in their area of specialty. The insurance company then decides if the provider meets their internal qualifications to serve as a provider of services to their insured customers. After approval of a provider's credentials, the insurance company issues a participating provider contract that allows the provider of services to bill the insurance company and receive reimbursement as an in-network provider of services."

Athena EMR - Prices 

Initial Credentialing & Re-Credentialing $275 a payer *Medicare requires two applications & Group application. 

Updates or Demographic Changes: $195 

Verification Process of Credentialing * How you are set up with payers*  $450 (one time charge)

(Out side of Initial Credentialing)  EFT & Website Registration: $135

Type 2 NPI Registration: $75

CAQH: $275 new 

CAQH Updates:  $195  

Contracting: (Negotiation of fees) $600 a payer

Yearly Flat Rates For all Credentialing Items:   $10,000 -  Optional - Per Provider


Other Services

Documents (Patient forms, Medication Management, HIPAA, Health History and more)  $75 an form

Fee Schedules - $550.00

Audit of payments and charges: Example - For vaccines or injections you provide to patients - $675  * Make sure you are getting paid correctly by payers - (included in billing services) 

Onboard of Athena Setup & Working with you and the implementation team.  Help on Go Live with Athena $3500.00

Obtain authorization:  Hourly Rate +

o $3.50 per authorization up to 8 per month

o $2.80 per authorization 9-16 total authorizations per month

o $2.45 per authorization 17+ total authorizations per month.

Account Receivables on Patient Balances before items are sent to collections: 15%

Hiring & Training of Staff


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